Terms and conditions of service offered: binding contract between the parties.

  1. Type of service offered: the Link Media Agency, a subsidiary of MAKEMU 'Srl is a company of services of brokerage and logistic.We purchase large batches of goods by manufacturers also popping prices 80% lower than those of the market.
  2. Characteristics of the goods mediated: all the goods displayed on the site is new, available for immediate delivery and comes directly from the factory of the manufacturer without going through the market.
  3. Disclaimer: The Link Media Agency, being only a service company, has no technical expertise on the products that the customer order. The customer who orders a product expressly declares to know the scope of use, functionality, installation, scope and regulations on its use and assumes all responsibility for the use of the object that requested to receive; kits have proposed fact of illustration only and is absolute responsibility of the customer to verify the feasibility of the plant watching before assembly schemes of the winds, the mechanical strength, the voltage (voltage) and the power components and change configurations according to parameters measured at the installation site. The warranty does not includ fact the damage resulting from defaults on installation and configuration.
  4. Billing and taxes: Sales to private material goods through e-commerce (on-line), are similar to mail order sales, for which this exemption issue a receipt or receipt, pursuant to Article . 22, paragraph 1, no. 1, the D.P.R. 633/1972 and circ.Min. Fin. 97 / E, 4 April 1997. If you need this invoice must be made strictly with order indicating the VAT, otherwise the collection will be immediately recorded in the book fees. Received as payment, please follow the electronic transaction.
  5. Shipping: order processing occurs within 24 hours of payment and delivery of goods is guaranteed within three working days after dispatch directly from the service TNT/FedEx. Duty-free throughout the European Union.
  6. Right of withdrawal: within 14 days of receipt of goods.
  7. Support: the nature and characteristics of the service provided by Link Media Agency provide a telephone support basic pay (commercial and non-technical) on VAS numbering 899 (one euro per minute). If the client wishes to support a possible additional commercial free via e-mail, this option must be purchased when ordering the product. These terms of service are not negotiable.
  8. Warranty: 14 days, with immediate replacement (delivery of a new product) or refund if the product does not arrive or arrived dead and the basic guarantee of 2 (two) years directly and exclusively from the manufacturer of China (the shipment of the product to the replacement or repair under warranty are the responsibility of the customer). These warranty terms are not negotiable.
  9. Self-declaration tax of 10% for renewable energy production systems. Proceeding with the purchase, the customer aware of the penalties in the case of false declarations, training or use of false documents, referred to in art. 76 of Presidential Decree 445 of 28 December 2000, hereby, under his own responsibility, that your supplies of wind generators and / or inverters will be used for the construction of plants for the production and / or distribution networks of electricity from photovoltaic cells and / or wind. Therefore, pursuant to artt.127-d and 127-e of Table A - Part III, attached to the DPR 633/72 and subs. Modification. REQUESTS therefore the application of the VAT reduced to 10% (ten percent). The customer undertakes to promptly communicate any fact or circumstance which face undermines the right to relief above, requires the application of the reduced rate on future orders for the supply of the same goods. I subscribed customer, proceeding with the purchase, in any way, products MAKEMU 'Srl, I accept and agree the terms of self-declaration application reduced VAT of 10% for renewable energy production system.
  10. Complaints and Reconciliation: the buyer and the seller are bound by this agreement. In the event that the client believing that Link Media Agency has not complied with the conditions of sale set out in the disclaimer, accepts the conciliation procedure. Conciliation is the fastest, affordable and friendly to resolve small disputes. With conciliation, a figure super-partes, the mediator conducts the dialogue between the parties to a shared solution. All disputes arising from this contract will be referred to the European Regulation on Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) - Regulation (EU) No 524/2013 of the European Parliament of 21 May 2013.
  11. Acceptance of the contract: proceeding with the purchase, the customer accepts full and unquestionably all the terms of this Agreement. If the terms of this agreement do not meet the needs of the customer, it is absolutely forbidden for the customer to proceed with the purchase and in the event that the terms of this agreement will be subject to penalty.