M30 - Darrieus Savonius blades for vertical axis wind mill turbine generator SMART WIND

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M30 - Darrieus blades for vertical axis wind mill turbine generator SMART WIND

Light weight, elegant and indestructible, made ​​entirely of plastic polymer composite material, these beautiful blades for wind turbine with vertical axis are the result of years of testing and field trials. Thanks to the innovative airfoil evolution DARRIEUS, efficient and quiet, you can make your rotor vertical axis wind: for domestic and industrial use!

No permission for installation, low noise;
capture winds at 360 ° 

Brief: After years of testing, research and field testing, we are finally able to provide these new wind turbines for super silent vertical axis wind turbine, designed specifically for domestic micro wind. Domestic wind power mean low power (3kW from a home with counter has an average consumption of 250W), space is limited and erratic winds. Hence the need for special airfoils capable of capturing every breath of wind in any direction.

What you'll receive with your order: blades with bare attacks to insert (at your own expense the implementation of the arms and flange)


A new concept of consumption - The old dream of the alchemists to turn lead into gold is now achievable. But not only. It 'also a meritorious action. The modern alchemy is accomplished by transforming wind and sun in money. Producing energy means "print" money; FREE and effortlessly.

Producing energy with the wind - If in times of prosperity prevails degenerate practice of the waste, the crisis has made us to understand how these patterns of life have brought us to the threshold of the abyss. Sobriety, savings, wealth generation against waste and consumerism. Install a wind turbine or a solar panel home means not only save money but produce wealth by producing renewable energy bill saving on heating, transport and, when production exceeds consumption, the resale of excess energy leads me money on the current account. Easily and without polluting. All this, simply by a solar or wind power kits.

Dimension (HxD) 85x25x10 Cm
Weight: 980g




Feature: Darrieus/Savonius
Income: 66%