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EK - Vertical axis Wind  Turbine Generator 1/2/3Kw hybrid Darrieus Savonius EOLO 1000/2000/3000

The KIT consists of the following components:

- 2 x M39 - hexapolar vertical axis wind turbine rotor VAWT
- 1 x M32 - Permanent Magnet Alternator 1/2/3KW
- 1 x M37 - three-phase diode bridge rectifier 88A
- 1 x M40 - Palo universal for wind turbines

The most advanced system in the entire series for power, configuration and technical solutions. For domestic and industrial use, for accumulation and reduced electricity bill, installed in minutes without any authorization.

Double rotor hybrid Savonius + Darrieus: the most advanced aerodynamic system of the series. The double profile combined DARRIEUS + SAVONIUS allows you to maximize the power curve: profile Darrieus (in vertical position) captures a large volume of air and increases the efficiency at high rpm; Savonius profile (in horizontal position) lowers the threshold for start-up, increases the torque and the best performance at low speeds.

Rotor plus doubled to 6 blades: rotor blades increased to 6, compared to the 3-blade base, allows the doubling of wind capture in the same unit of volume: 6-bladed Darrieus and 12 blades Savonius!


Producing energy with the wind - The wind farm household has unique characteristics that distinguish it from the great wind: limited power, limited space, the importance of aesthetic factor, unfriendly winds and turbulence, need not produce noise. That is why, for home use, nothing is more suitable for wind turbines vertical axis: capturing the wind from all directions do not require orientation, have a small footprint, they are beautiful and elegant, they are silent!

UNBELIEVABLE: clean energy to 0.4€/W (40 cents !!!)


The old dream of the alchemists to turn lead into gold is now achievable. But not only. It 'also a meritorious action. The modern alchemy is achieved by transforming the wind and sun in money. Producing energy means "print" money; FREE and effortlessly.

If in times of prosperity prevails degenerate practice of the waste, the crisis has made us understand how these patterns of life have brought us to the threshold of the abyss. Sobriety, savings, wealth generation against waste and consumerism.

Install a wind turbine or a solar panel home means not only save money but produce wealth by producing renewable energy bill saving on heating, transport and, when production exceeds consumption, the resale of the excess energy leads me money on the bank account. Easily and without polluting. All this, simply by a solar or wind power kit.

Self-braking system: by its very nature aerodynamic profile Savonius is self-braking: a vertical axis wind turbine does not need to brake so the turbulence. Increasing the speed of rotation, in fact, the blade upwind ago by brake limiting and stabilizing the speed of rotation.

No risk thanks to the formula: satisfaction or refund if the product is not to your liking or just think again, it can be returned within 14 days.

 Power curve Wind Generator EOLO 3000
full version 6 blades and gearbox


Technical Data Sheet Manufacturer

  • Rated Power: 2265W
  • Maximum Power: 2970 W
  • Outupt Voltage: 0-48V AC three phase
  • Output Current Max: 60A
  • N Blades: 6 (6 Darrieus + 12 Savonius)
  • Rotor diameter: 1.3 m
  • Speed Maximum power: 200 rpm
  • Dimensions (WxHxD): 130x180x130 cm
  • Total weight: 32 kg
  • Wind of start-up : 2.9 m / sec
  • Aerodynamic efficiency: 29%
  • Auto-oriented, low noise

[STAND ALONE & GRID configuration]


EOLO BASIC wind generator consits to:

EK - EOLO BASIC = 2xM39 M32 + M37 + M40

Possibility of RESALE: The wind system EOLO comes neutral not marked and not painted so as to allow resale.


EK_SA = EOLO BASIC  + M46 + M24

The systems "Stand Alone" is used to bring energy where electricity does not reach the national grid : country houses, cottages, farmhouses, gardens, boat or camper.

Solar energy and wind energy generated by the photovoltaic panels and wind turbines is transferred to the battery via a charge controller where it is collected and stored for future use if required. Finally, an inverter "stand alone" converts the DC 12-24V accumulated in the batteries into alternating current 110 / 220V for home appliances.

With this system you catch and accumulates energy when nature gives us the (sun and wind) to use it when you need it (even at night or in the absence of wind). More battery bring you more energy accumulates.


What is not included: it is not supplied everything that is not expressly stated. The assembly is charged to the customer and must be designed and executed in a workmanlike manner according to location and type of installation (on the ground, on the roof, balcony etc..)

UNBELIEVABLE: clean energy to 0.4€/W (90 cents !!!)

Voltage AC 48Vmax (12/24/48V battery systems) Three Phase
Peack Power: 1/2/3KW (1/2/3.000W)
Rated Power: 890/1660/2200W
Dimension: H190 x L120 x W120 cm
Weight: 32Kg
N° Blades: 6 (6 Darrieus + 12 Savonius)
Wind Start-up: 2,9 m/sec
Noise: < 40 dB
Warrenty: 2 Years


Certifications CE, EN-610000