M36 - Three phase diode bridge rectifier alternator PMA

M36 - Three-phase diode bridge rectifier  alternator PMA
Turn-phase alternating current produced in output from the permanent magnet - can not be used by the inverter DC - DC rectified used by all controller and inverter DC! AC-DC rectifier

(Reduced VAT to 10% - Table Art 127-A, Part III of Presidential Decree 633/1972 on renewable energies)

For permanent magnet alternator , has a voltage of ignition of only 1.2 volts, supports peak currents up to 475 amperes and resists reverse voltages of over 1000 volts. Equipped with spade terminals for quick connection and a central hole for the heat sink (no need to waste money on a heat sink. Any piece of thin metal will do). Three terminals for the three phase input and two, positive and negative, to the rectified current output.

- Dimensions (approx.): 29 x 29 x 11 mm
- IF med. : 36-50A
- IFSM: 475A
- Model: Phase Faston
- VRRM: 1000 Volts

The fantastic world of renewable energy

Have you ever thought about the possibility produce you the power you need in total autonomy so as not to pay? Now the question of alternative energy is no longer a luxury and a technological curiosity but a pressing need and therefore a moral and social obligation.

The cost and energy consumption is expected to increase dramatically due to the incredible surge in consumption in emerging countries and exhaustion of fossil fuels, but also and above all in view of the fact that by 2015 25% of the car will be to power (the state of California has imposed a 100% electric cars by 2020).

Being able to have electricity free self-producing it, and even earn by selling it, is not a dream but a reality. If the premises of large grid-connected investments require a substantial and regional authorizations, these problems are not present for small systems under 20Kw (domestic).

And we recommend starting right from small household systems and then grow a bit 'at a time, even with a single mini-turbine 200W can power the laptop, recharge your cell phone, the camera, the iPad and remove this consumption from the bill!

- Wind energy is a renewable source cleaner and more affordable - as well as the oldest - between the different possibilities available to man.
- A wind turbine produces power at night and even in winter
- An off-grid or grid-connected small - is immediately usable without permission.

Well, if you do not want to give up this great challenge we offer our self-made wind power system that allow you to enjoy to produce electricity for domestic use at no cost. We are able to provide you with all the components to make or assemble your own wind generator at low prices:

- Wind turbines: convert the radiant motion of the wind into rotational motion
- Alternators: transform mechanical rotary motion of the blades into electrical current
- Rectifiers, controller: the current generated by an alternator is alternating current (AC) and must be rectified direct current (DC)
- Inverter: An inverter enters the current produced by the home network operator bill eliminating the national grid.