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W1K - KIT vertical axis Wind  Turbine Generator  WIND POWER 1000 Darrieus Savonius hybrid 1KW Grid + Stand Alone

The kit includes the following components:

- 1 x M43 - Hexapolar vertical axis wind turbine rotor VAWT
- 1 x M41 -  x M41 - 3X Planetary Gearbox for vertical axis generators
- 1 x
M31 - Alternator permanent magnet 1Kw
- 1 x M36 - three-phase diode bridge rectifier 36A alternator PMA x 1KW
- 1 x M26 - Controller solar charge controller wind 30A - 12/24V
- 1 x M23 - Inverter Pure Sine Wave 1Kw Stand Alone 12V DC input 110/220V AC output
- 1 x M34 - Universal Inverter Grid tie solar wind 1KWp connected 110/220V
- 1 x M40 - Palo universal for wind turbines

The most advanced system of the entire series for power , configuration and technical solutions. For domestic and industrial use , for accumulation and reduced electricity bill, installed in minutes without any authorization .

- Rotor with 6 blades with variable configuration : the rotor blades to 6 , with respect to the canonical 3 blades , as well as allowing a catch wind increased with halving of the wind start-up and doubling efficiency, also allows you to create hybrid configurations with incredible effects on efficiency. For example, you can configure 3 -blade Darrieus position (long arm with a large volume of air swept and strong torque ) and the other 3 blades Savonius position (short arm that increase the speed of the alternator and bring him to work in the high curve of powers ) .

- Planetary Gearbox : in addition to the benefit of the rotor blades 6 with variable configuration , the WIND POWER 1000 is also equipped with a gearbox 3X that further elevates the rotation speed of the alternator and thus its power: 100 RPM ( rpm ) of the rotor on the alternator multiplier does work well at 300 rpm ! Pure power !



The wind farm household has unique characteristics that distinguish it from the great wind: limited power, confined spaces, the importance of aesthetic factor, unfriendly winds and turbulence, need not produce noise. That's why, for home use, nothing is more suitable turbine vertical axis wind capturing from all directions do not require orientation, have a small footprint, they are beautiful and elegant, they are silent!

Possibility of RESALE: the wind system WIND POWER 1000 is provided to you in aluminum neutral not marked: you can paint and brand to your liking, at the price you want to sell to friends and making huge gains in your country.

Adjustability: thanks patented mounting system, you can adjust the rotor diameter to accommodate the winds of the installation site. By moving the blade along the axis of the arm, you can define the wind "cut-in" to your liking: arm length and maximum diameter (Darrieus profile) to lower the wind start-up, short arm (profile Savonius) to increase the rotation speed with low winds.

Self-braking: by its very nature aerodynamic profile Savonius is self-braking: a vertical axis wind turbine does not need to brake so the turbulence. Increasing the speed of rotation, in fact, the blade upwind ago by brake limiting and stabilizing the speed of rotation.

[Diagram of assembly and connection StandAlone & Grid]


The Wind Turbine Generator WIND POWER 1000 consists of the following components:

WIND POWER 1000 = M43 + M41 + M31 + M36 + M40 + M26 + M23 + M34

No risk thanks to the formula satisfied or refunded if the product is not to your liking, or simply change your mind, you can return it within 14 days.

What is not included is excluded from the supply everything that is not expressly stated. The assembly is charged to the customer and must be designed and executed in a workmanlike manner according to location and type of installation (on the ground, on the roof, balcony etc.).

WIND POWER 1000  " STAND ALONE" version:

The grid systems "Stand Alone" is used to carry electrical energy where the national electricity grid does not reach: country houses, chalets , cottages , gardens, boat or RV.

Solar energy and wind energy is captured by solar panels and wind turbines, and , through a charge controller , is transferred to the battery where it is collected and stored for use upon request. Finally , an inverter "stand alone" converts the DC 12 -24V stored in the batteries into alternating current 110/220V for appliances .

With this system you catch and accumulates energy when nature gives us the ( sun and wind) for use when needed ( even at night or in the absence of wind). More battery bring you more energy accumulates.


Systems "Grid Connected" enter the energy produced directly in the household grid, thus reducing the buy from the national grid and then lowering your electric bill to pay. It ' simply insert the plug of the inverter into any outlet in the house: the inverter network "grid " takes the output power from the generator or solar panels and feeds it into your household power grid by reducing or eliminating the one to buy .

Working principle: if I want to eat 10 tomatoes, I buy them all and 1 in the shop , or can I grow them . If with my vegetable garden can produce 8 tomatoes , I 'll have to buy only 2 . So is the energy of the house : the more you produce , the less you have to buy , and pay , to the electricity.

Possibility of RESALE : the wind system WIND POWER 1000 is provided to you in aluminum neutral not marked : you can paint and brand to your liking , at the price you want to sell to friends and making huge gains in your country .

The old dream of the alchemists to turn lead into gold is now achievable. But not only . It ' also a meritorious action . The modern alchemy is accomplished by transforming wind and sun in money. Producing energy means " print " money ; FREE and effortlessly.

If in times of prosperity prevails degenerate practice of the waste , the crisis has made us to understand how these patterns of life have brought us to the threshold of the abyss . Sobriety , savings , wealth generation against waste and consumerism. Install a wind turbine or a solar panel home means not only save money but produce wealth by producing renewable energy bill saving on heating , transport and , when production exceeds consumption, the resale of excess energy leads me money on the bank account . Easily and without polluting. All this, simply by a solar or wind power kits .