M31 - Permanent Magnet Alternator 1Kw for wind generator & hydroelectric

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(Reduced VAT to 10% - Table Art 127-A, Part III of Presidential Decree 633/1972 on renewable energies)

M31 - Permanent Magnet Alternator 1Kw for wind generator  and hydroelectric

Unique in Europe, we are able to offer alternators for wind small average size! The alternator is the true heart of a wind generator, converts the rotational kinetic energy into electrical energy. No need multiplies speed!

Produce energy with wind - Anyone who has tried his hand in the construction of a wind turbine (wind generator) you will be met with an insurmountable problem of the alternator, and if in fact the blades, towers, rectifiers, inverters material is readily available for sale at affordable prices, the permanent magnet alternators are practically impossible to find. The reason lies in the high cost of the materials constituting the magnets. Turning to the forum you will find countless attempts to get around this by editing alternators for cars or engines of washing machines: a martyrdom! Working on these systems to over 4,000 rpm against the 400-800 required for micro wind, are imposed mechanical gears very complex that you eat 40% of energy in friction and are always broken, also these types of alternators need current leaving to excite the stator with the need of a battery and a switch which closes on reaching a certain speed of the wind ... a tragedy!. At the end of the work will have an alternator that does not work, it returns no more than 15-20%, and break every two days.

Manufacturer's datasheet:

  • Rated Power: 750W
  •  Maximum Power: 965W
  •  Outupt Voltage: 0-28V AC Three Phase
  •  Output Current Max: 35 A
  •  Rotation speed up performance: 420 rpm
  •  Weight: 7.5 kg
  •  Number of Poles: 4
  •  Resistance to rotation: 0.95 NxM
  •  Efficiency:> 95%
  •  Excellent performance with light winds and unfriendly low noise Structure consists of only three elements (rotor, stator, chassis)
  • Generator consists of ferromagnetic material upper (twice the normal materials)  

Quality of materials: Neodymium, Fe, Boron - Our brand new (smaller, lighter, more powerful) Permanent Magnet Alternator (PMA Permanent Magnet Alternator =), consisting of ferromagnetic material of the highest quality (NdFeB = Neodymium, Iron, Boron ) is enclosed in a steel housing coated aluminum and stainless steel shaft. It is completely sealed, durable and weather-proof, even the toughest. With simple adjustments that PMA is therefore also suitable for hydropower. Output 28V AC three phase, you can match it with a rectifier, a battery bank for storage and an inverter for 220V output. With a grid-connected inverter is not possible to enter power into the grid. Thanks to an exclusive agreement with the world's leading manufacturer (China) we are able to import and sell around the world this permanent magnet alternator at incredibly low price and then making the mini and micro wind home to everyone.

M33 + M31 + M36 + M26 + M22 + M34 = MKV

Produced electricity at home - Have you ever thought about the possibility produce you the power you need in total autonomy so as not to pay? Now the question of alternative energy is no longer a luxury or a technological curiosity but a pressing need and therefore a moral and social obligation. The cost and energy consumption is expected to increase dramatically in view of the development of emerging countries, but above all due to the fact that by 2015 25% of the cars will be electric-powered (the state of California has imposed a 100% self electric by 2020).

Money from the wind - The old dream of the alchemists to turn lead into gold is now reality. But not only. It 'also a meritorious action. The modern alchemy is accomplished by transforming wind and sun in money. Produce energy means "print" money; FREE and effortlessly.

If in times of prosperity prevails degenerate practice of waste, the crisis has made us understand how these patterns of life have brought us to the threshold of the abyss. Simplicity, savings, wealth generation against waste and consumerism. Install a wind turbine or a solar panel home means not only save money but produce wealth. Change is possible.