M22 - Stand Alone inverter 1kW 110/220V AC input 12V DC output

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(Reduced VAT to 10% - Table Art 127-A, Part III of Presidential Decree 633/1972 on renewable energies)

M22 - Stand Alone inverter 1kW 110/220V AC input 12V DC output

This inverter can convert the current accumulated in the batteries at 12V DC 110/220V AC: to be clear that using all of our appliances!

The energy produced by the sun and wind - This inverter extremely economical yet high quality and versatility, is an indispensable tool for electrical current to 220V always available. And 'ideal car to use household appliances (shaver, TV, radio, etc.), but also to recharge our devices (Mobile Phone, iPod, Camera, Notebook etc.). It 'also indicated in combination with alternative energy production systems such as wind turbines or photovoltaic systems. And 'in fact able to make the energy accumulated in the batteries into Direct Current (DC) into alternating current 220V - 50Hz (AC) required for all our appliances.

Technical summary:

  • Output peak power: 1,000 W
  • Rated Output Power: 600W
  • Outupt Voltage: 110/220V AC - 50/60 Hz
  • Input Voltage: 12V DC
  • Efficiency:> 90%
  • Protections: over voltage, extra-temperature, extra-current

A new concept of consumption - produce the energy we need to power our appliances is now possible, thanks to our innovative solutions for micro power generation, you can make your own renewable energy system in a few minutes. E 'can be mounted in parallel how many plants you want to stop and see the counter, why not earn by selling excess energy. In America is already BOOM community wind home and is now a fad and a custom produced free energy (energy self-sufficiency) in anticipation of the near future where we will have all the electric car to recharge.

Thanks to this amazing controller it is possible to produce the electricity that you need accumulating in batteries; realize its wind farm in a few minutes with a paltry investment is finally possible! Two steps: Connect the cables from the controller to our alternator output to the battery.

Accumulating the current that occurs when

Technical specifications of the manufacturer:

  • Peack Output Power: 1000W
  • Nominal Output Power: 500W
  • Output Voltage: 110/220VAC
  • Output Frequency: 50/60Hz + or - 2Hz
  • Output Waveform: Modified Sine Wave
  • Input Voltage Range: 10.0 -15.9 VDC
  • Low Battery Alarm (Nominal): 10.4 - 11.0V
  • Low Battery Shutdown Point (Nominal): 9.7 - 10.3V
  • High Battery Shutdown Point (Nominal): 14.5 - 15.5V
  • Peak Efficiency: Under 90%
  • Battery Drain With No AC (at 12V Input): Under 0.3A
  • Dimensions: 170mm x 59mm x 57mm (L x W x D)

Package Contents:1 Inverter, 2 battery cable clamp, 3 Cigarette lighter cable, 4 Manual, 5 Reduction American plug / European.