M27 - Photovoltaic Solar Panel 100W module crystalline 12/24V camper boat van house

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(Reduced VAT to 10% - Table Art 127-A, Part III of Presidential Decree 633/1972 on renewable energies)

M17 - Photovoltaic Solar Panel 50W module crystalline 12/24V camper boat van house

With this small solar panel, you can dial your system hybrid solar-wind power for your pleasure, power and size saving on the cost of purchase and installation. Capture the sun's energy and save!
The photovoltaic effect is the particular properties of some semiconductors, normally enough silicon to produce electricity when struck by photons (ie exposed to light). The photovoltaic panels are a must for those who want to throw in the lucrative world of "renewable". In particular, our module, small, light and cheap is a true jewel of technology within the reach of all.

Energy - clean and free - the sun - Photovoltaic technology to harness the energy radiated by the sun to produce electricity. Photovoltaic systems do not require maintenance, allow it to produce electricity as needed, last long.

A photovoltaic system consists of:
  1. Photovoltaic cells formed from slices of a semiconductor material (silicon) which are formed into modules, then in panels, then in strings connected in parallel.
  2. A control system which can be a "controller" or "charge regulator" to charge the batteries or a grid connected inverter which leads the energy produced directly into your home network by reducing the bill!
  3. a possible energy storage (batteries)
Among the various types of photovoltaic systems can be distinguished:
  • The "off-grid" is used to carry electrical energy where comes the Enel network: accumulate the energy in batteries for use upon request.
  • Systems "Grid Connected" (grid-connected): enter the energy produced in the network thus reducing the one to buy from Enel.
  • Brand: ShineFar
  • Maximum Power (Wp) :100 W
  • Maximum Power Voltage (V): 17,8 V
  • Maximum Power Current (A): 5,61 A
  • Open Circuit Voltage (V): 22,1 V
  • Short Circuit Voltage (A): 6,0 A
  • Size of Module (mm): 1020 x670x 30
  • Surface Maximum Load Capacity: 60 m/s (200kg / sq.m)
  • Weight: 7,58,6
  • Box Type: With TUV certificate
  • Cell Efficiency (%) : > 12,4 %
  • Type: SI- Plycrystalline