M25 - Universal Grid Tie power Inverter 450Wp solar wind connected 110/220V

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(Reduced VAT to 10% - Table Art 127-A, Part III of Presidential Decree 633/1972 on renewable energies)

M25 - Universal Grid Tie power Inverter 450Wp solar wind connected 110/220V

With this universal solar wind grid tie inverter, you can re-enter the current coming from the solar panels or wind generator directly to your home network to reduce the bill! No batteries!

The energy produced by the sun and wind - with this revolutionary grid tie inverter, you can re-enter immediately in the home network of the energy produced by your solar-wind to the home network in minutes. It 'simply connect the solar modules or wind turbine at the DC input of the inverter and the AC output to any 220V outlet housing to reduce immediately the Enel bill. Plug and PlaY: easy to connect: no ENEL authorization required (consumption).

  • Model GTI 300
  • Peak power: 450W
  • Rated Power: 300w
  • Input: DC 10-28
  • Output: 110/220V, 50/60Hz
  • Wave: pure sine
  • Yield: 92%

A new concept of consumption - produce the energy we need is now possible, thanks to our innovative solutions for micro power generation, you can make your own renewable energy system in a few minutes. E 'can be mounted in parallel how many plants you want to see the counter stop and, why not, if the production exceeds consumption, earn by selling excess energy. In America is already BOOM photovoltaic and small wind turbines home and is now a fad and a custom produced free energy (energy self-sufficiency) in anticipation of the near future where we will have all the electric car to recharge.

Thanks to this fantastic inverter is possible to produce the electricity you need now and in the future resell any excess ENEL; realize their solar-wind power plant in a few minutes with a paltry investment is finally possible! Two steps: Connect the cables of the solar panel and wind generator to the inverter input and 220V output inverter to any outlet at home, as if by magic the meter slow down and if you have efficient appliances sometimes the 'll stop. FREE Energy for ever!

Consume current that is produced - This incredible grid-connected inverter allows you to transfer the electricity produced by 'photovoltaic or wind generator directly into household power without the need for expensive and wasteful accumulations in batteries. May in fact be plugged into any 220V household! Takes the current generated by the solar panel and returns it in your home network. In case of overvoltage disconnects in autumatic (to reconnect itself as soon as the conditions are back to normal). E 'therefore safe for the various devices and users.

If it can be mounted in parallel as many as you want, both on the same plant on the home network until it reaches the desired power.

  • INPUT: two terminals on the left side to get the current CC
  • OUTPUT: VDE 220Volt socket on the right side to be connected to any outlet at home
  • Green LED: grid
  • Red LED: energy inputs

Technical Data:

  • Model 300 GTI
  • Normal AC Output Power 300W
  • Maximum AC Output Power 450W
  • AC Output Voltage Range Switch is at 230V Position 190V ~ 260V
  • Switch is at 115V Position 90V ~ 130V
  • AC Output Frequency Range 46Hz ~ 65Hz
  • Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) <5%
  • Power Factor 0.99
  • DC 10V ~ 28V Input Voltage Range
  • Peak Inverter Efficiency 92%
  • Standby power consumption <0.5W
  • Output Current Waveform Pure Sine-wave
  • MPPT Function Yes
  • Over Current Protection Yes
  • Over Temperature Protection Yes
  • Reverse Polarity Protection Yes
  • Island Protection Yes
  • Stackable Yes

    Mechanical Specifications: N.W. 0.8kg
    G.W 1.2Kg
    Dimension 220mm * 170mm * 60mm

Principle of operation of grid-connected systems

How to use - grid connected plants are used where there is already the ENEL network and serve to lower the bill, they are certainly the most innovative and the most popular on the market.

How it works: Simply insert the plug in the inverter output into any power of the house, the inverter takes the energy output from wind or photovoltaic panel and feeds it into your home network in phase with the carrier ENEL . Immettiamo the energy (electrons) in our cables at home!

Principle of operation: if I want to eat 10 tomatoes, I buy them all and first in the shop, or can I grow them in the garden. If with my vegetable garden can produce 8 tomatoes,'ll have to buy only 2! So is the energy of the house more electrons self-produce, the less you have to buy - and pay - ENEL.

FAQ: questions, questions, answers

To install these drives need permission? NO, always remember that the copper wires that run in the house are owned by us and not by ENEL and then I can put the electrons want. Electrons are the Creator and not ENEL!

What happens if I produce more energy than they consume? Be afraid to produce as much energy is afraid to make 6 the lottery. If I have plenty of energy can replace gas boilers with electric radiant systems; sell the petrol cars and take a supply. If, and only if, they produce more of what use I can make the deal for resale to the GSE.

But how do you know my appliances to use my power? Because they are already in my home network. If this energy is not enough, it comes from the counter ENEL and only this is counted and paid for. If you produce more energy than they use the gift.