M01 - MINI WIND 500

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M01 - Mini Wind Generator 500W MINI WIND 500 Turbine Blades OAWT - high lift

Nice, small and intelligent wind turbine for home use; installed on the terrace, garden, roof WITHOUT PERMISSION. Weighing only 14 kg, the lowest noise, small footprint, the power output of 500W and above all the increased lift (double blades from the surface of conventional wind turbines kits) make it ideal for home use and areas with low wind speeds. It easily installs in minutes without any authorization. Can be configured in a "stand-alone" (accumulation in the battery to bring electricity where the electricity grid does not reach) and "GRID CONNECTED" to lower your electric bill.

Beautiful, intelligent and very small domestic wind generator, installed WITHOUT PERMISSION onto terrace, garden, roof. Weighing only 13 kg, the lowest noise, small footprint, the power of 500W and above all the increased lift (double blades from the surface of conventional wind turbine kit) make it ideal for home use (low wind). Install in minutes without any authorization.

Produce energy with wind - Clean energy and FREE for everyone! If until now for a wind turbine it took from € 5,000 up to large spaces, today, thanks to our beautiful mini wind generator professional - M01 - Super Starter Kit Mini Wind Generator 500W-high lift - you can finally have the too your home wind generator.

Brief information: after years of study and work in the wind tunnel, finally we are able to provide you with this amazing professional kit, designed specifically for home and small spaces. Domestic wind means lightness, design, small footprint and quiet operation. Hence the need of an airfoil with maximum efficiency and lift and elegance. In this way you can install it easily on the terrace, in the garden, on the roof. Quiet, beautiful, light, elegant, useful, environmentally friendly. You start with twenty very low.

[Assembly Diagram]

The electric current produced in house - Being able to have electricity for free, self-producing it, and even earn by selling it, it is more a dream but a reality (see in this respect the beautiful story of the entrepreneur Salvatore Moncada: At the end of the very first fleet of nine blades guaranteed me a income of two million euro a year ").

The cost and energy consumption is expected to increase dramatically in view of the development of emerging countries, but above all due to the fact that by 2015 25% of the cars will be electric-powered (the state of California has imposed a 100% self electric by 2020). By installing this beautiful kit, you can produce you the energy you need for FREE, forever preserving the environment.

Can be installed without permission
(The diameter of the rotor does not exceed 1.5 m)

Manufacturer's datasheet

  • Rated Power: 500 W
  • aximum Power: 535 W
  • Outupt Voltage: 28V AC three-phase
  • Output Current Max: 18 A
  • Blades: 3 polymer fiber by 72 cm
  • Single-blade Weight: 600 gr. cad.
  • Rotor Diameter: 1.2 m
  • Max rotation speed: 800 rpm
  • Size: 80x20x120 cm
  • Generator Weight: 13.5 kg
  • Startup Wind: 2.9 m / sec
  • Efficiency:> 85%
  • Auto-oriented Wind, slip rings.
  • Low noise

MINI WIND 500 "STAND ALONE" version:

M01 + M26 + M22

The grid systems "Stand Alone" is used to carry electrical energy where the national electricity grid does not reach: country houses, chalets , cottages , gardens, boat or RV.

Solar energy and wind energy is captured by solar panels and wind turbines, and , through a charge controller , is transferred to the battery where it is collected and stored for use upon request. Finally , an inverter "stand alone" converts the DC 12 -24V stored in the batteries into alternating current 110/220V for appliances .

With this system you catch and accumulates energy when nature gives us the ( sun and wind) for use when needed ( even at night or in the absence of wind). More battery bring you more energy accumulates.


M01+ M35 + M26 + (battery) + M25

Systems "Grid Connected" enter the energy produced directly in the household grid, thus reducing the buy from the national grid and then lowering your electric bill to pay. It ' simply insert the plug of the inverter into any outlet in the house: the inverter network "grid " takes the output power from the generator or solar panels and feeds it into your household power grid by reducing or eliminating the one to buy .

Working principle: if I want to eat 10 tomatoes, I buy them all and 1 in the shop , or can I grow them . If with my vegetable garden can produce 8 tomatoes , I 'll have to buy only 2 . So is the energy of the house : the more you produce , the less you have to buy , and pay , to the electricity.

 Investment> savings> gain

The old dream of the alchemists to turn lead into gold is now reality. But not only. It 'also a meritorious action. The modern alchemy is accomplished by transforming wind and sun in money. Produce energy means "print" money; FREE and effortlessly.

If in times of prosperity prevails degenerate practice of waste, the crisis has made us understand how these patterns of life have brought us to the threshold of the abyss. Simplicity, savings, wealth generation against waste and consumerism. Install a wind turbine or a solar panel home means not only save money but produce wealth producing renewable energy bill savings on heating, transport and, when production exceeds consumption, the resale of the excess energy leads me money account corrente.Senza fatigue and pollution. All this, simply by a kit solar or wind. Change is possible, and it should.