M26 - Controller solar wind charge 30A - 12/24V

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(Reduced VAT to 10% - Table Art 127-A, Part III of Presidential Decree 633/1972 on renewable energies)

M26 - Controller solar wind charge 30A - 12/24V

This charge controller intelligent controller takes the current of your photovoltaic solar panel or wind generator and recharges the batteries with an optimal flow of current to increase durability! Automatic control of battery voltage (working 12 & 24V).

Energy - clean and free - the sun - Photovoltaic technology to harness the energy radiated by the sun to produce electricity. Photovoltaic systems do not require maintenance, allow it to produce electricity as needed, last long.

A photovoltaic system consists of:

  1. Photovoltaic cells formed from slices of a semiconductor material (silicon) which are formed into modules, then in panels, then in strings connected in parallel
  2. A control system which can be a "controller" or "charge regulator" to charge the batteries or a grid connected inverter which leads the energy produced directly into your home network by reducing the bill!
  3. a possible energy storage (batteries)

Among the various types of photovoltaic systems can be distinguished:

  • The "off-grid" is used to carry electrical energy where comes the Enel network: accumuluano the energy in batteries for use upon request.
  • Systems "Grid Connected" (grid-connected): enter the energy produced in the network thus reducing the one to buy from electric network.


  • Rated Cable Charging Current: 30 A
  • Rated Load Current: 30 A
  • System Voltage: 12/24 car sending
  • Overload, Short Circuit Protection: yes
  • Working Temperature: -35 ° C ~ 55 ° C
  • Control Method: Charging batteries with PWM (pulse width modulation)

Controller connection - The connection of the charge controller is simple and quick.

INPUT: connect the positive terminal of the solar panel to the "SOLAR +" and negative "SOLAR -". The current flows from the solar panel to the controller.

OUTPUT: Connect the positive terminal of the battery to "BATTERY +" and negative "BATTERY -". The controller feels voltage, place it at 12 or 24 V and starts to charge the batteries. If the panel is charging the battery, the solar panel LEDs will be lit, and the LED battery indicator will show the volume level of the battery with a different color, from red to green.

LOAD: connect the load to "LOAD + / -" taking care to respect the polarities. Pressing the power button turns off the output.