Permanent Magnet Alternators

The alternators are of great dynamo of power which transforms the rotational movements (wind, water, mechanics) in electricity.

Anyone who has tried his hand in the construction of a wind turbine (with the technical term used to refer to a wind generator) you will be met with an insurmountable problem of the alternator, and if in fact the blades, towers, rectifiers, inverters material is readily available for sale at affordable prices , the permanent magnet alternators are practically impossible to find.

M10 - New Super Permanent Magnet Alternator Dynamo geared for wind generator


M12 - New Super Permanent Magnet Alternator BRUSHLESS 500/750 / 1000W Dynamo DIRECT DRIVE for wind generator.


M32 - Permanent magnet alternator wind generator 1/2/3kw and water energy