Grid Tie Connected Inverters

The grid-connected systems are used where there is already the ENEL network and serve to lower the bill.

How it works: Simply insert the plug in the inverter output into any power of the house, the inverter takes the energy output from wind or photovoltaic panel and feeds it into your home network in phase with the carrier ENEL . Insert the energy (electrons) in our cables at home!

Working principle: if I want to eat 10 tomatoes, they can buy all 10 in the shop, or can I grow them in the garden. If with my vegetable garden can produce 8 tomatoes,'ll have to buy only 2! So is the energy of the house more electrons self-produce, the less you have to buy - and pay - ENEL

M25 - Universal Grid Tie power Inverter 450Wp solar wind connected 110/220V


M34 - Universal Grid Tie power Inverter 1000W solar wind connected 110/220V