Controllers, Rectifiers, Regulators Charge

Controllers, Rectifiers, Regulators Charge

By their nature, renewable energies are fickle and change over time. That 's why you need a downstream electronics to "manage" the unfriendly energy produced by solar panels or wind generators and make it usable.

The "bridge rectifier diodes" have the task of transforming the energy output from the three-phase alternating current permanent magnet "rectified".

The "controller" or "charge control" are devices that pick up the rectified current from the solar panel or wind generator diode bridge to charge the batteries (which need a charging voltage and constant current)


M35 - Three-phase diode bridge rectifier 26A alternator x PMA500W (code M20)


M36 - Three phase diode bridge rectifier alternator PMA


M37 - Three-phase diode bridge rectifier 88A alternator PMA x 3kW (code M32)


M26 - Controller solar wind charge 30A - 12/24V


M46 - Controller solar wind charge 60A - 12/24/48V